mingxi vs xiaozhu

This is a customized video.

As an undercover agent assigned by the police force to participate in the black organization, Mingxi’s mission is
to get close to their boss and obtain evidence of a crime, thereby reaching a network
Treat this criminal gang with due diligence, but at the most critical moment…


xiaxia vs manman

This is a customized video.

After Xia Xia’s best friend was abused by Jing last time, Xia Xia came to see Jing.
Taking the place of best friend to vent anger. However, according to the regulations of the no-rules fighting game, the referee
Ding classmate proposed revenge. The challenger must wear translucent shorts. No
It can be the same as a normal fair game.


jojo vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

In order to raise enough money for her mother’s surgery, Jojo came to the underground boxing ring to challenge. Before the game,
Tell your brother not to worry that she will go back with the surgery fees, but the underground boxing ring
Is it that easy to get?


xiaozhu vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

The heroine sneaks into the base of the villain doctor to avenge her sister and fights with the villain doctor
After a fight, the villain doctor, knowing the weakness of the heroine’s self-healing ability,…
In this situation, the play requires the heroine. Finally, use the continuous attack to kill the heroine…


ruyi vs manman

This is a customized video.

In the ring without rules, Ruyi, as a newcomer, challenges the veteran and powerful boxer Jing.
She was very unhappy and felt that she had been underestimated, so she decided to do well before winning the competition.


mingxi vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Xi came to the transaction place designated by the seller, and both parties paid the money and delivered the goods, but
It was the seller who didn’t abide by the rules and wanted to take advantage of others. In order to get back the defrauded money, Xi transferred
When I get back, I’m going to argue with the seller.


xiaodi vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

The young gangster Zhao Yong had nothing to do, so he saw a newly opened boxing club while wandering on the street.
When I walked into the restaurant, I saw a female boss. Zhao Yong looked down on how a woman could
How awesome is that, so he verbally attacked the female boss, and unexpectedly came to this
There is something really good about a female boss…

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