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xiaozhu vs xiaoyu

This is a customized video.

Xiaozhu spent money so lavishly that he soon lost the last 30,000 yuan.
After the flowers were gone, she thought about going back to the proprietress again. This time Xiaozhu
In order to win the game and get more money, I prepared a big gift for the boss lady.


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zhaoyong vs xiaoyu

This is a customized video.

The heroine is a devil who does all kinds of evil, has strong martial arts skills, kills people like crazy, and has boxing skills.
His skills are invincible in the world, and no one can beat him to this day. Therefore, there are many righteous people who want to
Getting rid of the female protagonist will bring peace to the world. On this day, the male protagonist goes alone to want to fight the female devil to the death.


xiaozhu vs mingxi

This is a customized video.

Xiaozhu was doing Tai Chi on the ring. Mingxi came to the ring and was hit by Xiaozhu’s
Looking amused, she asked Xiaozhu to play a game to see who was the best.
The strong lady:


xiaozhu vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Xiaozhu, a white-collar worker, was kidnapped on his way to get off work. Zhao Yong asked Xiaozhu’s family to get
He wanted money to redeem someone, but he could not get the money together. In addition, Xiaozhu kept resisting, so Zhao
Yong had the idea of ​​breaking up the vote.


xiaozhu vs zhizhi

This is a customized video.

After Zhizhi was injured last time, she came to Haoyu for revenge, but this time
Haoyu was not here, so he met Xiaozhu, Haoyu’s senior sister. Xiaozhu saw that she was
If you come to find trouble, don’t say much and just start taking action.


xiaodie vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Xiaodie became obsessed with boxing not long ago. After just a few days of learning, she felt that with her current
There is no pressure at all to beat several people at the same level, but because of the students in the boxing gym
He was very enthusiastic and took away the business of another colleague, and their boss came to visit…

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chengcheng vs zhaoyong

This is a customized video.

Dr. Carnage has absorbed all the abilities of the previous female agents and has evolved at this time.
In the most powerful form, the heroine is the source of all power, and the previous agents are all clones of her
Body, the doctor got this information from the previous agent, and has been waiting for the heroine to come to his door.

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