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mochazi vs xiaoyue

This is a customized video.

Xiaoyue has always wanted to fight with the lightweight boxer Chazi, but she has never had the chance.
So Xiaoyue posted a comment on the Internet saying that tea is just a beautiful vase petal,
In fact, if you don’t have the strength, you can KO her in three rounds or something. Chazi is watching this news
After the news, I sent a challenge letter to Xiaoyue….


zhaoyong vs haoyu

This is a customized video.

On a rare rest day, Zhao Yong made an appointment with Xiaoyu who has a good relationship with the organization.
Because he got a notebook that the boss had been looking for in the last mission,
They were about to go to receive the reward with Xiaoyu, but something happened on the way to the organization…


zhaoyong vs sangni

This is a customized video.

This day a long legged hottie was in the elevator while wandering the streets
Picked up a purse, she rummaged through what was in it
When the owner came back, the owner grabbed it without saying a word.
Duo, long-legged babes are not easy to mess with, they just hit the vital parts and walk away
At that time, I still didn’t forget to clamor for the owner to come with me…


niuniu vs xiaoyu

This is a customized video.

Under the temptation of the bonus, the poor girl, in order to win the bonus
To challenge the octagonal cage, a fierce battle was held in the irregular octagonal cage
As for the exciting fighting competition, the research is whether the girl challenged successfully or whether the boxer won the challenge again.
Continue to glory, let us wait and see! ! !


zhaoyong vs xiaoyue

This is a customized video.

Xiaoyue signed up for a boxing match and came to the ring
Seeing that it was a fat man, I didn’t put him there at all
Eyes, language has been picking each other ready
Give him some color to try…


pupu vs haoyu

This is a customized video.

Two wrestlers face each other on the wrestling field, and the stronger one is
An experienced wrestling veteran, while the other side looks tall
It is a flexible type of player. As a wrestling veteran, he must have his own unique skills.
A unique way to subdue the opponent…


vv vs xiaoyou

This is a customized video.

In order to save her sister who was harmed by drugs, Weiwei went to the gathering place of the local underworld gangs alone to meet their boss,
In order to repay the huge debt owed by her sister, Weiwei promised them to participate in an underground boxing match without rules…

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